Hello World! Starting a blog about Bug Bounty

Hello World! Starting a blog about Bug Bounty

Welcome to the blog! I recently decided to start a blog about my experience with Bug Bounty and about Bug Bounty in general. This website is the result of my decision.

Why another blog about Bug Bounty

The main driver behind this decision is the fact that I realized how few people are aware about the existence of Bug Bounty and how life changing it can be. Be life changing I don’t necessarily mean from a financial point of view, although it can be very rewarding with a moderate amount of effort.

By doing Bug Bounty you get exposed to so many new techniques and ideas that it will make you a better person. And might just help you get a foot in the door of the cybersecurity industry. Or help you get the courage to start a blog.

Bug Bounty can change your life because you become a member of a community of curious people. And you can satisfy this curiosity legally.

Random photos to make the post pretty

What will I write about on this Bug Bounty Blog

I will have several types of content on the blog, including but not limited to:

  1. Bug Bounty Tips for Beginners
  2. Bug Bounty Recon techniques in general
  3. What to do after your Bug Bounty Recon
  4. Bug Bounty for non-technical people (AKA not coders)
  5. Comments on Bug Bounty Writeups / Bug Bounty Reports from other Researchers
  6. My own Bug Bounty Writeups
  7. Articles about Bug Bounty Platforms
  8. Articles about Bug Bounty Programs
  9. Articles about Bug Bounty Private Programs
  10. Articles about Vulnerability Disclosure Programs
  11. How Bug Bounty helps with Job Hunting?
  12. Bug Bounty and Money
  13. A news feed with titles and excerpts from other Bug Bounty Blogs
  14. Possibly some videos, still looking into that
  15. Step by step guides on how to find specific bug types for Bug Bounty

How often will I post?

  • I am planning to write one large article and a few short articles per week.
  • The news feed will update automatically.
  • I might stop for long periods of time, no promises.

Thank you for reading until here. No coupons or gifts, j

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